Prodigal Sons 5: Top 3 Horror Films

Prodigal Sons 5: Top 3 Horror Films

Oct 31
Prodigal Sons 5: Top 3 Horror Films

This week on the Prodigal Sons Podcast: Jared and Brian discuss “Room 237” and just how crazy are the conspiracy theories in this film? The Sons then each provide a list of their Top 3 Horror Movies and why they like them.

Also, this clip may be relevant:

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  • Raymond Clevenger

    Don’t know if anyone is going to read this, but how it’s at all possible that Devil’s Rejects gets the reaction it does, while Blair Witch is on a list is beyond my comprehension. Also, for the record:

    The Shining
    The Thing
    28 Days Later

    • Devil’s Rejects just didn’t do anything for me. I do love The Thing and 28 Days Later though. Blair Witch was a product of it’s time and in that exact moment, it was great. Look at the impact it had on cinema. You can thank BWP for all found footage movies, good and bad.