Prodigal Sons 4: Casper The Vengeful Ghost

Prodigal Sons 4: Casper The Vengeful Ghost

Oct 24
Prodigal Sons 4: Casper The Vengeful Ghost

This week on the Prodigal Sons Podcast: Will Josh Brolin show up in Jurassic World? What will become of Mulder and Scully in the upcoming X-Files comic book? The Sons all watched “Booth at the End” and “Arrow” and Jared discusses his thoughts about Dave Cross and Bob Odenkirk’s new book, “Hollywood Said No”

Twitter question: Has Josh Brolin ever been bad in a movie? Show your work!

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  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    Here’s my choices for the top three horror films:

    Evil Dead 2 (1987): the Evil Dead franchise is one of the most pop culturally known. Everyone knows a quote from this movie, the image with Bruce Campbell and the chainsaw hand, so much of this is engrained in the psyche of any genre fan. The movie that made Bruce “the Bruce” and the movie that spawned my fandom of horror.

    2) the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974): in the early days of daytime TV, there was an ABC show called ‘the Home Show.’ On an episode, a roundtable of parents went to a local video store, something my son will sadly never do, rented five different horror movies and watched them in (over the top) abject horror. The most offensive, to these wishy washy squares, was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’m almost certain I rode my bike to my nearest video store to rent this. So much is done with implied violence and a movie that will stay with you for life.

    1) Return of the Living Dead (1985): My benchmark for a zombie movies. From the mind of Dan O’Bannon (who also wrote Alien and Dead & Buried) comes a movie that exists in a world where the Romero zombie movies were based on actual events. Severed tongue firmly planted in decaying cheek, this movie popularized fast zombies, zombies craving brains (and WHY!) and the horror/comedy mash up. Just avoid all the terrible sequels that followed.

    • All great selections. I’ve been having a heard time pulling a list together. So many good choices. I think I have to break down my list to a sub-genre. We shall see. Thanks for commenting!^BE