Prodigal Sons 38: Stop Chloroforming Yourself

Prodigal Sons 38: Stop Chloroforming Yourself

Jun 19
Prodigal Sons 38: Stop Chloroforming Yourself

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • Our week in review.
  • Jared is still alive (but just barely).
  • Fuck A Duck.
  • Brian was on Fresher and Parlance.
  • Ian has a Rape-y ex-business partner.
  • DC announced their movie plans over the next four years.
  • Starbucks is offering college tuition to its employees.
  • Tesla Motors has made their patents available to everyone.
  • Science Time with Adam focuses on Tesla Motors, electricity, solar road panels and rare earth elements.
  • Justin Bieber and ALL THE RACISM.
  • The Best Story Ever – Pennsylvania Edition.


  • Jason Kirk

    I had notes that I took while listening at work but, alas, they are still at work. I do remember a couple points though.

    -Yes, PA has some crazy stories, but it’s a long way from getting even close to the stories that come out of Florida.
    -All I could think when Brian once again called Kahl Drogo Count Drogo was “One, two, three; three dragons ah ah ah…”

    Other than that, I’m glad that Jared has confirmed on twitter that he is still, indeed, alive. Even though I think he might have been mocking me when he said the stories were too serious this week. But that’s ok, he’s in pain. And did I really comment before Leonard this week? C’mon Chikarason, you’re slipping. Step it up, son!

    • Jason Kirk

      Oh, snap. I think we posted at the same time. Guess you’re not slipping after all

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Kicking things off with a song I have never heard before that went on a BIT too long. Testing those ASCAP folks!

    – Jared, (spoilers) still alive!

    – Ian, hey look over here?

    – A super exciting, super exotic box of jerked meats

    – Mother’s Day is not in March, Ian seems more out of it than I do

    – I’m glad Brian called his son’s Karate recital “Kung Fu”

    – Ian’s laughter of EVIL over the failure of Sam’s dance recital was terrible

    – “Ah, Bruce Lee, we need you back, buddy” what an odd statement

    – Isn’t the fact that Jared is (barely) alive enough of a “how was your week?”

    – Where were the crickets for Brian’s terrible duck/duct joke?

    – In all honesty, Jared, if we have learned nothing from Artie Lange, PLEASE listen to your doctors!

    – I think if Adam led with the Grandma dying story, it wouldn’t have been the same coming out of that up tempo number

    – And where were the pictures I was supposed to see this week?

    – I liked Parlance’s (KAYFABE) fishing story.

    – “Fresher is like an empty vessel for Parlance to fill”

    – That Chloroforming story…oh my…

    – Sandman is NOT the white guy with a green hood, that’s the Specter #SHAME

    – Why am I just now hearing that when Brian worked at Starbucks, they sent him to coffee tasting school?

    – Until a dedicated, accessible and timely power stations are nationwide, the electric car will never be a real thing. Anderson on the After Disaster told a horror story about his and another person
    experience with electric cars. The fact that 35 is the optimal
    traveling speed is horrendous!

    – I truly enjoyed and 100% agree with Jared diatribe about race and the power of words in our culture. We’re all too soft.

    – If you are going to have a “PA News Story” segment, with their be a ‘meth’ and ‘non-meth’ story?

    – I miss the stingers

    • Jason Kirk

      I could picture you cringing when they were mixing up Specter with Sandman.