Prodigal Sons 36: The Pageantry of Filmmaking

Prodigal Sons 36: The Pageantry of Filmmaking

Jun 05
Prodigal Sons 36: The Pageantry of Filmmaking

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • Our weeks in review.
  • Ant-man talk.
  • Some more of Jared’s directorial history.
  • Boobs for Magic cards (and other sordid bits).
  • Movie review: “A Million Ways to Die in the West“.
  • Movie review: “Dear Mr. Watterson“.
  • A lengthy, spoiler-heavy review of Game of Thrones “The Viper and The Mountain”.

On tap for next week: We watch and discuss “The Institute“. Please feel free to watch and let us know what you think of the film and we’ll read some of your comments on the show.

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Enjoy the show!

the-mountain-and-the-viper in better times

The Viper and the Mountain in better times.


Discussed in this weeks show:

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    Early bird special!
    – Starting things off with the Toadies! My first concert, a double header with Bush.
    – I have TWO drive ins with a 30 mile radius of me! One was wiped out by the flood of 2011 and rebuilt from scratch
    – April & I just watched Catching Fire this weekend as well. She has her issues, but I liked the first one better
    – Don’t worry, Brian, we’ll talk more about the adventure you & the kids went on this week
    – Jared needs oxycodone for his heart burn
    – A movie about Brian filmed by Jared? As you described it, it all came back to me *SHUDDER*
    – That Friday Night Magic story is slightly creepy with a hint of sadness, for her
    – What sort of flop house does Jared live in that couples and multiple groups of people come and go as residents of his home?
    – Loved all the HeroClix and MTG talk, especially grown men crying over losing
    – Adam, world famous pack mule
    – Glad Ian got to see Days of Future Past. A few nitpicks:
    o While Quicksilver’s stuff was cool, his look is still pretty terrible
    o Speaking of looks, glad Magneto ditched the weird horn on his helmet and bright orange drapes costume
    o The Hostess product placement was shameful
    o We exist in a world where people can read minds, control metal and Blue Hunger Games can change into anything she wants. However, Wolverine must have said seven times “You’ll never believe this, but I’m from the FUTURE. And YOU sent me!”
    – That review of “A Million Ways to Die in West” cinched it for me. Wasn’t on my radar, this sends it completely off.
    – I am listening to the “Game of Thrones” stuff. It’s not that I don’t WANT to watch it, it’s a time issue, man.
    – I made it seven minutes 🙁