Prodigal Sons 35: Shut Up, Checkers!

Prodigal Sons 35: Shut Up, Checkers!

May 29
Prodigal Sons 35: Shut Up, Checkers!

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • Memorial Day weekend shenanigans.
  • E-cigs for Jared on his 40th birthday?
  • Pennsylvania passes Gay Marriage laws.
  • Pennsylvania also wants laws about secret compartments in cars.
  • Jared narrowly avoids being murdered.
  • Life imitates art and things get real for Jared.
  • REVIEW: X-Men Days Of Future Past. (Spoiler Free)
  • Talk about upcoming movies and the latest in the “Man of Steel” sequel saga.


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Enjoy the show!

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – I want more speculation of how many hours we’ve logged! I used the royal we.

    – I’m glad Corn Hole is creeping it’s way out east

    – What is this new band called YOLO? I’ve been old since 1995, enjoy the ride!

    – Well, I’m never having BBQ at Brian’s again.

    – I’ve seen people more often with some new weird thing, not an e-cig with the blue tip, looks kinda more like a pipe. But it’s fancy, for ladies and such.

    – I feel the same way about any type of smoking that Ian does, just not as angry.

    – As backwards as PA is, it has always been conservative but I can see your Kentuckies and Tennessees and such allowing gay marriage millions of years from now

    – Before the Alissa story begins, Jared is so proud of himself for recognizing red flags. “I TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS!”

    – You met up with Joe? Who is this Joe character?

    – Ian is also surprisingly knowledgeable about vibrators. Let’s talk about Twilight and Avatar Fleshlights!

    – I saw the trailer for Malificent before Godzilla. I had no interest in seeing it, now having the entirety of the movie given away, even less. I will be seeing Days of Future Past this weekend!

    • Thanks for listening Leonard. I’ve got a bottle of my own personal BBQ sauce in the mail to you as we speak!