Prodigal Sons 32: The Amazing(?) Spider-Man 2

Prodigal Sons 32: The Amazing(?) Spider-Man 2

May 08
Prodigal Sons 32: The Amazing(?) Spider-Man 2

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • The Sons watch “Milius” on Netflix Streaming.
  • Delicious conversation about food trucks.
  • Current events!
  • Did you watch Game of Thrones this week?  We did!
  • Then Jared and Brian debate the “finer” points of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. (Spoilers Ahoy!)
  • Seriously. The last half of the show is ALL The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  • Sorry.

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Enjoy the show!



  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – I like that version of the 60’s Spidey theme you used at the start of the show

    – Bucca de Beppo sounds like the alternate title for something dirty imported here. I do like included in there ‘crazy crap on the wall’ includes the Pope’s head

    – ‘I watched him slowly burn to death’ that will leave no scars on Ian

    – I am jealous that Ian has a friend that owns a food truck

    – I hope we get Jared’s Food Truck with his Wonder Brad Grilled Cheese and nothing else

    – Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see anything classy about horse racing

    – I’ll ask since no one else is, “Who’s Diana?”

    – The talk of the Millius documentary was great! I can only wish Katherine Heigl would get “Katherine Heigl’d” out of Hollywood

    – My wife started listening to Game of Thrones books on tape. Still, everything you said during this segment was white noise

    – The more and more I hear about this Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, the more it makes me sad

    – I do want the entire movie recut with Jared doing all of the Rhino’s dialogue

    – I did spoil this for myself by watching the Red Letter Media review this morning. You forgot the ‘spider-hand’

    – TRIVIA CONTEST! I want in, in some way, shape or form!

    • Don’t we all wish Katherine Heigl would get Katherine Heigl’d out of Hollywood?