Prodigal Sons 31: Done Dirt Cheap

Prodigal Sons 31: Done Dirt Cheap

May 01
Prodigal Sons 31: Done Dirt Cheap

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • Who is the King Scumbag
  • Poop is funny!
  • Video games are great real world training!
  • Jared needs to start copyrighting all of his greatest ideas!
  • Poop is still funny.
  • Brian reveals who the real shithead of the group is.
  • A literal shitload of poop stories!
  • Jared plays the “Hypothetical Game”
  • Current Events!
  • Is the Internet the worst thing ever?
  • Adam may be the smartest Son (maybe)!

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Enjoy the show!

 Golgotha Shit Demon

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Just getting in under the wire of having to play royalty fees on the opening song
    – I’m glad you appreciate my feedback and apologize for not posting it in the comments section. I don’t feel as though I’m >THAT< hard on Jared
    – The dead silence when Jared calls Brian & Ian out was tangible
    – Eat it with your love of Goldeneye. This is the point where my advancement of being a video game player ended, March 1998 when I went to visit Brian at PSU.
    – Girls like Jared’s “alley girl” aren’t real. Or if they are real, Jared lives in an alternative reality from the rest of the world
    – That showing the house story with the water off was AWESOME! Bravo!
    – Jared wanted SO BAD to tell the Pete and the cider story and you guys kept shutting him down
    – “The Drake” and “The Beastmaster” are some of the worst DJ names, unless the latter was Marc Singer
    – When I get big, I won’t forget you guys
    – Jared makes it through the crash of the housing market and it’s a turd that sends him running
    – I’d love to hear more about Jared’s investigating into the satellite radio market. And how it could be more profitable that podcasting. From what I hear, people who do satellite get in the neighborhood of $375.00 a show. Not per person, for the entirety of the show. So split that up among off you. And that’s if you come in with some cache.
    – TONS of money can be made from podcasting, trust me, I know. Or at least I used to know. T minus three and counting…
    – I really do enjoy you guys talking about the old radio days
    – I have never heard this Aquaman story you guys alluded to, but Cyborg has been on TV (on the Teen Titans cartoons) and in the Justice League for the last three years
    – “It’s been a tough week for the blacks”
    – The Marge Schott thing was pretty crazy. She called her players “her little nigglets” and while MLB did nothing to her, the people who owned the Reds stadium banned her from the building. Her players were not upset at all
    – I will be holding my Twitter class for all you dum dums
    – The internet discussion was also great today, great points made by all.
    – “THAT’S WHAT I DO!”
    – I have great stories about not knowing words are racists about my wife, specifically Sambo and Chinaman

    • kirkman81

      I was thinking much the same regarding the satellite radio discussion. And now that Patreon exists, podcasting may become even more profitable for independent types. I enjoy listening to you all and hope it does become profitable for you.

      And it wouldn’t be an LFC comment without something cryptic in it. -“T minus three and counting…”

      • “Profitable”. I’m not enough of a washed up comedian to make this podcast profitable. ~ BE

  • kirkman81

    If I had one take away from this episode, it’s that thankfully I’m not the only one with a poop story.

    • By no means. Poops stories all around!