Prodigal Sons 23: 50 Shades of Metal

Prodigal Sons 23: 50 Shades of Metal

Mar 06
Prodigal Sons 23: 50 Shades of Metal

This week on the Prodigal Sons Podcast:

  • Our collective weekend.
  • Oscar shit!
  • Movie talk (Blade, Paranormal Activity, FearDotCom, etc…).
  • Ian asks a question about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that launches a conversation about music.
  • Farewell to Ian as he embarks on fatherhood!

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Enjoy the show!

The Prodigal Sons

Jared, Adam, Ian and Brian

  • Adma Jaekel

    I quite like that picture.

  • Jared Lanham

    Shut your hole!