Prodigal Sons 22: Trash Angels and Misplaced Crickets

Prodigal Sons 22: Trash Angels and Misplaced Crickets

Feb 27
Prodigal Sons 22: Trash Angels and Misplaced Crickets

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • Did Brian marry the female equivalent of Jared?
  • Jared has a celebrity look alike!
  • Movie news!
  • Hot pocket recall!
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Review!
  • The Prodigal Sons make their Oscar picks!

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Enjoy the show!

Oscar Picks 2014!

Here are a few of our piocks we talk about on the show.  If you would like to send us your picks, use the ballot here and comment on this post!

Best Picture
JL – Gravity
BE – 12 Years a Slave
IG – 12 Years a Slave
SH – Nebraska

Best Director
JL – American Hustle
BE – Gravity
IG – Gravity
SH – 12 Years a Slave

Best Actor
JL – Chiwetel Ejiofor
BE – Christian Bale
IG – Matthew McConaughey
SH – Bruce Dern

Best Actress
JL – Judi Dench
BE – Meryl Streep
IG – Cate Blanchett
SH – Sandra Bullcok

Best Supporting Actor
JL – Jonah Hill
BE – Jonah Hill
IG – Jonah Hill
SH – Jonah Hill

Best Supporting Actress
JL – Jennifer Lawrenece
BE – Jennifer Lawrenece
IG – Lupita Nyong’o
SH – Jennifer Lawrenece

Best Animated Feature Film
JL – Frozen
BE – Frozen
IG – Frozen
SH – Frozen

Best Original Screenplay
JL – Dallas Buyers Club
BE – Her
IG – Her
SH – Her

Best Adapted Screenplay
JL – Captain Phillips
BE – The Wolf of Wall Street
IG – 12 Years a Slave
SH – 12 Years a Slave

Best Original Song
JL – Ordinary Love
BE – Let It Go
IG – Alone Yet Not Alone
SH – The Moon Song


  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – HOORAY for Ian! BOOO for the rest of you on not following up on ‘baby classes’

    – Saying that Brian’s wife, who is a lovely woman, is the female Jared, is the worst thing any of you have ever said

    – “They are yours until they are 18” Jared having no concept of kids in 2014

    – I am in the midst of selling my house and ACTUALLY want to sell the house. We have spent well over $10,000 in the last year improving the house making it more appealing to others. I need help!

    – Ian’s movie taste is all over the place! Year One and My Blue Heaven are both good! He’s right on one of those!

    – Brian was super stoked about the passing of Harold Ramis!

    – Rick Moranis actually made a return about a year ago, releasing a comedy album, doing the podcast tour (Nerdist, etc.) around that time

    – We talked about Heroes on my other podcast, the Weekly Longbox and I think the writer’s strike ruining season two started the downward slope of the show. The first season was nearly perfect, in a pre-Marvel movies world

    – I’m sure the meeting pitch for the ‘Console Wars’ movie was “Uhhh, it’ll be like Big Bang Theory but with video games?” Howard, you’ve done it again!

    – Jared’s thoughts about people who buy the new Nintendo system destroyed my life

    – I have never had a Hot Pocket in my life. And Brian wonders why he has stomach issue, that’s his go to quick food choice

    – Yay, Adam read Guardians of the Galaxy! And is talking about Annihilation! Now I like him! Many people forget there are lots and lots of jokes and quips in the Avengers movie. The simple dum dum
    pitch for this movie is “Avengers meets Star Wars!” I’m in all the
    pitch meetings.

    – The Lloyd Kaufman/crickets thing might be the best moment of podcast ever! SPOILERS!

    – You guys were extra mean to Adam this week, even though Jared did sell him out that the audio quality issues are his fault.

    – Jared, reading in the dark? Why are you PODCASTING in the dark?

    – Since I can’t be included in the actual competition, I’d like to be the quiz master so Adam can play as well~!

    – And the Stinger was great as well! Good job all around boys!

    And My Oscar Picks:

    Best Picture
    LFC – Dallas Buyers Club

    Best Director
    LFC – Steve McQueen

    Best Actor
    LFC – Leonardo DiCaprio

    Best Actress
    LFC – Cate Blanchet

    Best Supporting Actor
    LFC – Jared Leto

    Best Supporting Actress
    LFC – Jennifer Lawrence

    Best Animated Feature Film
    LFC – Frozen

    Best Original Screenplay
    LFC – Dallas Buyers Club

    Best Adapted Screenplay
    LFC – Philomena

    Best Original Song
    LFC – Let It Go

    • Boy, you may have done better on your Oscar picks than I did! And, seriously, who doesn’t know who Lloyd Kaufman is? ~ BE