Prodigal Sons 21: Hanging Brain

Prodigal Sons 21: Hanging Brain

Feb 20
Prodigal Sons 21: Hanging Brain

This week on the Prod Pod:

  • Brian relives his harrowing adventure to NJ!
  • Jared almost tea-bagged someone!
  • Movie casting news!
  • We all have a nice healthy discussion about “Grabbers”.
  • A pop culture pissing contest erupts!

Next week: We’re going to discuss our picks for The Oscars! We’ll come up with a revised ballot with Top 10 categories and see how well each of us does. You can play along!

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Enjoy the show!


  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Finally, my requests have been answered and I got the episode early.

    – All your fru-fru beers, PSHAW!

    – A drive I have made many a time Brian, I do not envy you with two weasels in the car as opposed to one.

    – Sounds like Brian attended the world’s most uneventful wedding.

    – Jared does have a very weird line. Weddings are very sacred to him.

    – Can’t contribute the Ellen Page (don’t care) or the Harry Potter (fake nonsense) discussions

    – I heard that FF plot synopsis running around was false, but really, does it matter?

    – King Kong Bundy! Bam Bam Bigelow! Jared, you holding out on me?

    – I imagine the three of you sleeping in a giant bed with one shirt between the lot of ya~!

    – That said, I never saw that Honey Nut Cheerios commercial with Nelly and need to see it immediately!

    – I also cannot chime in on ‘Grabbers’ as I did not watch it, but you guys were unnecessarily mean

    – Oscar ballots! I always go with my (enormous) gut on these and look forward to participating.

    – As for the trivia game, I say BRING IT!

    • You should really watch Grabbers, I think you would enjoy it. Still working on the Oscar Ballot but they will probably be available sometime next week. I’ll never understand exactly what is and what isn’t sacred to Jared. As always, thanks for listening!