Prodigal Sons 19: Not So Pro-Brony

Prodigal Sons 19: Not So Pro-Brony

Feb 06
Prodigal Sons 19: Not So Pro-Brony

This week on the Prod Pod:

  • Roadtrip!
  • RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Movie trailer talk! – Cap, Spider-man, Transformers and more!
  • Movie casting news: Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor?
  • We watched: Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony

Next week! We’re going to watch The People vs. George Lucas!

This week’s question: What are your thoughts on the changes George Lucas made to the original Star Wars Trilogy?

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Enjoy the show!

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Jared’s strip club adventure was great. Move divey locations, please!

    – Your touching tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman was very heartwarming. Actually, it put worms in my heart.

    – Is it wrong that I don’t care about the Lex Luthor casting? I just assume DC is going to make decisions to rile people up. I’m of the wait and see mindset, as there was TONS of backlash about Heath Ledger being the Joker, dismissed as that ghey from ‘Brokeback Mountain.’

    – There was tons of backlash prior to the TMNT images coming out that they were going to be aliens and all sorts of wild stuff. Then once we saw the posters/maquettes and it’s closer to the current cartoon, people settled down. As for Transformers, I was out after I tried to watch the first one THREE times & fell asleep every time.

    – I did not see this Coke commercial you speak of and saw some of the outrage. I truly think the ad wizards behind this one really thought there would be no issues. They live in a bubble where middle America doesn’t exist.

    – The Bronies documentary’s biggest flaw is that is a dull whitewash of the Bronie culture. There is a large part of the Bronie world that gets no mention in this documentary, and rightfully so, which makes
    this less a documentary and more a propaganda film.

    – However, Jared & Ian were a little rough on Brian regarding his fleeting fandom of MLP. Once you have kids, you’ll understand.

    – YAY! Red Letter Media reference! Love, love, LOVE it! Of all the trash Brian does with his life, it should be focused more on this and less on being a clopper.

    – The stingers are back! I want more of that baby head size conversation!

  • Dustin AKA Doc Hatter

    I get to be the first to comment on the George Lucas Doc… SWEET… okay as a 30 year old whom didnt get the full enjoyment of the originals releases until a few years after the re-releases I think the majority of people in this documentary need to get over their-fucking-selves. FUCK YOU ITS NOT 1977. WE UNDERSTAND THAT. JAR JAR was horrible I agree but in my opinion he was there only to be a comedic character for Lucas to chuckle at. NOTHING EVER COMPARES TO THE ORIGINAL ANYTHING. thats like all you mother fuckers who say “the book was sooo much better” WELL FUCK YOU AND YOUR BOOK. I think Jared said this same line in an earlier podcast so Im sorry if Im stealing it. I dont mind the subtle 20 frame difference or 2 frame difference FUCKING MATTERS. Han needs not to shoot first but be the only one who shoots. I especially love, every single person who HHHHAAATTTTTTEEEEDDDDDD the rereleases and were like George you insulted and shit on my childhood were like “well, we really cant criticize him because we will be standing in line for the episode 7. *pompus chuckle*” Damn, thats pretty intense shit… oh and the kids said Thanks for the advice.