Prodigal Sons 18: Black Pearls Of Wisdom

Prodigal Sons 18: Black Pearls Of Wisdom

Jan 30
Prodigal Sons 18: Black Pearls Of Wisdom

This week on the Prod Pod:

  • We provide troubling wisdom to troubled youth.
  • Jared regales us with tales of underage drinking and beer muscles.
  • We discuss our favorite and least favorite TV series finales.

We’ve all decided to watch a movie currently available on Netflix streaming and we will talk about it on Episode 19.  This week’s movie: Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony. We would like you all to watch it too and tell us what you thought of it. We’ll include your comments on Episode 19.

This week’s question: What do you think of the Brony pheomenon?

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Enjoy the show!


  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Since Jared is theming every show now, can we retro fit last week’s
    episode to begin with Brian singing “She’s only (episode) Seventeen”?

    – “And did you get any ‘titty suckers?’” Jared bringing the class five minutes in!

    – And why did I think Adam was in the same age range as we? Younger than the Simpsons? He should be introduced as Jared’s youthful ward

    – Juvenile delinquents asking the four of you for life advice? If they have the card Homer has that says “Do the opposite of what the Prod Prod says” they’ll be OK.

    – And now I have to eat my hat. Ian with really good advice in general, for anyone of any age.

    – People with no water? Staying there for days and days? Is Jared just taking in runaways?

    – How much trouble have you guys been in that you’ve had MULTIPLE dealing with the police that you NOW know not to talk in front of the cops?

    – Three knuckles deep. Now it got odd…

    – Wankster? I’ve never even heard this term? Wigger, you won’t say, after all the other HORRIBLE things you all say?

    – Jared, these situations sound horrible. Your stories are why I am glad I’m married and NEVER have to deal with this nonsense.

    – For some reason, I’m with you about the Mel Gibson stuff, but not so much about the Christian Bale or Alec Baldwin ones.

    – We can dish dirt on which celebs are jags and have phony public personalities all day (Ellen!), but there was a great story on Adam Carolla this week how Paul McCartney was the nicest person in the world. Arguably one of the most famous and rich people ever, who has no reason to even interact with anyone, was shaking everyone’s hands, taking pics with everyone. It’s just as easy to be nice as it is to be a jag off.

    – Jared, WHY did you not tell that Bill Nye story? SHAME! I hung out with you during those times and you never told ANY of these stories!

    – …But the bodega story was worth it!

    – I didn’t and don’t watch enough TV to contribute but love all of your passion. I never saw a single episode of the Sopranos, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica or Lost. I saw one episode of Quantum Leap because Terry Funk was in it and the back to back season finale that lead into the first movie of X-Files.

    – There is a great story from the studio about the second X-Files movie where they felt the movie failed since it came out the same summer as ‘X-Men First Class’ and two movies that began with “X” so close together caused brand confusion. That, and maybe the fact they leaked images from the set of werewolves and stuff that never happened in the movie! That could have been the issue!

    – I am going to try and find time to watch Bronies before next week, but man, that full title is mega creepy. If only the documentary “American Furry” was readily available. And Adam said “Cloppers”! DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

    – Ian and Jared were right to be indignant in watching episodes of the cartoon. I’ll say don’t do it!

    – NO STINGERS!?!? What happened?!?

    • So, you didn’t watch the episode of X-Files with Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek? It’s arguably one of the Top 10 best episodes of the entire run. It was an instant classic but not representative of the rest of the series.

      No stingers because all of the gold was in the show!