Prodigal Sons 17: It’s All Art!

Prodigal Sons 17: It’s All Art!

Jan 23
Prodigal Sons 17: It’s All Art!

This week on the Prodigal Sons Podcast:

  • Entertainment news!
  • Jared does the unthinkable!
  • We discuss our movies that we love but everyone else hates.
  • We talk about the listener list of movies they love but others hate.

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Enjoy the show!


  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Audio Adam? Man in the Box? All terrible. I’m thinking of a name.

    – Action figures? I hope they are MIB and from the Spawn line.

    – Why wasn’t ‘Smart Bounce & Spin Pony’ the episode title?

    – Asa’s room used to be for all my comics and have been moved to the basement, where I belong.

    – “Good luck with this sinking ship!” Delightful!

    – I think the ‘feud’ is great idea I only wish Brian would have mentioned it when we recorded. I could have started “shootin’”

    – There were rumors that Affleck broke his leg or hurt his foot that halted production. They ALL those stories disappeared and the announcement of the delay happened. I’m glad Warner/DC is taking it’s time as this rush rush rush stuff will do no one any good.

    – Jared: “In comics, they have editors to oversee all this.” HO HO HO! What a delight!

    – What’s worse, giving up on Agents of SHIELD or watching it and it leaving ABSOLUTELY no impact or lasting memories?

    – I love how angry Brian got about Jared skipping out on ‘Fringe.’ That’s passion!

    – WOW! League of Extraordinary Gentleman (or LXG) is terrible, hot garbage. I can’t imagine anyone watching it more than once.

    – Beefcake Penguin! Remember when they were going to have a ‘Graysons’ TV show of a pre-Robin Dick Grayson in the circus when ‘Carnivale’ was a thing on HBO? Bad times!

    MOVIE Discussion!

    o Never saw the Matrix sequels and, tying into the prior discussion about Jared not watching all of ‘Fringe’ I never saw the full thing of the first Matrix. One of the only times I walked out of a movie. When Keanu said ‘WHOA! I know kung fu!” I told my friends I’d catch them on the flip side and played ‘Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa’ arcade machine in the lobby.

    o In the “Death Race” remake, it is greatly flawed, like since he is Frankenstein, and WEARS A FULL HEAD MASK, why does it matter that it MUST be Statham in the car?!?! And I’m glad Ian brought up the sidewalk line! So odd and out of place. Good, terrible choice.

    o Never saw ‘Lost in Space’ but only remember their movie tie in was at Long John Silver’s! LONG JOHN SILVER’S!!! Did Arthur Treacher’s say no?

    o YES! Hudson Hawk is awesome. One of my favorites glad Brian was man enough to step up and admit this in public. Two and a half minutes to save Anna, three and a half minutes to save the world?

    o And the Stuff! Garrett Morris! Such a great, unsung horror film. I demand Ian, Jared and Adam all watch it!

    o Comparing Last Action Hero to the Matrix sequels set Ian off! FANTASTIC! And the villain was Moe Zart!

    o And I’m back with Ian. 1980’s Flash Gordon is GREAT! Maybe because it was on in heavy rotation on HBO when I was a kid, but it looked so cool!

    Unrelated, on Carolla’s podcast they have Matt Atchity, the creator of Rotten Tomatoes on and they play a Rotten Tomatoes game. They take an actor, say Matthew McConaughey, take three of his movies and have people guess where they fell on the critics Rotten Tomatoes scale, taking whoever comes closest (lowest overall score) to make the winner.

    • Are you saying that “Shithead Adam” doesn’t work?

      I felt that the “It’s All Art” line from this episode better represented the entire discussion thread throughout. I also considered “Appropriately Sized Horses” as a title.

      Word around the campfire is that maybe WB is rethinking the Batman/Superman movie into a larger JLA movie and that might be the reason for the delay.

      Who the hell walks out of “The Matrix”?

      Long John Silvers is delicious.

      That Rotten Tomatoes game sounds delightful. Maybe we’ll have to totally not steal that or make something somewhat similar….