Prodigal Sons 16: Rube Goldberg Disaster

Prodigal Sons 16: Rube Goldberg Disaster

Jan 16
Prodigal Sons 16: Rube Goldberg Disaster

This week on “The Solomon Grundy of Podcasts”:

  • Ian witnesses a fatal accident.
  • Jared and Brian have seen some crazy shit.
  • Ian gets some solid business advice.
  • Ian and Jared are nearly killed multiple times over.
  • We reveal the books we would most like to be made into movies.
  • Jared’s book pick sidelines us into Dungeons and Dragons talk.
  • Brian is a douche and presents three books instead of one.
  • Jared has to read every book on the Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books list from 2000/2009
  • We review the listener Top Book To Movie list
  • Jared asks, “What’s a Twitter?”
  • Jared wants to start an old-school Radio Show war, podcast style!

BTW, Michael Douglas is Ant-Man (Hank Pym)

Alternate Titles for this Episode:

  • Beep!
  • Check Your Batteries!
  • The Smoke Alarm That Wouldn’t Die
  • OMG! Your House Is On Fire!
  • The One Where Ian Needs New Batteries
  • Click, Clack, Beep
  • Prodigal Sons 16: You’ll Barely Notice All the Keyboard and Mouse Clicking Over The Smoke Alarm Beeping
  • Keyboards, Smoke Alarms and Beards Being Rubbed
  • 137 Beeps
  • [(80×60)/35] Beeps

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Enjoy the show!


  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – How many cats do you have Jared? Are you a crazy cat man? Not Cat Man, mind you.

    – Was Ian just watching Fast & Furious 6 and got confused? Seriously, that sounds awesome/scary/crazy. I was with you until the charred corpse. Harrowing…

    – And the guy buying the iPad? His willingness to stab someone. I’m very glad I very rarely deal with people in person.

    – And Jared, combat boots are a bad sign? The sign of someone who likes the outdoors? Someone who works hard?

    – Jared’s crazy guy’s idea is flawed. By eating the peanuts, it will be difficult to play the instruments in Guitar Hero.

    – Sad that Brian never told any of his Starbucks stories. Sure, no threats of violence, but there were some gems in there.

    – If my brother knew how to use the internet, his book would have been the novelization of Episode 3. Lots of stuff left off the screen.

    – Brian brought up the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon on Dadstractions this week, this probably what spurned this, but I do not share the same affinity for this show that you guys do.

    – I did like Ian calling out for his hipster Amazon singles choices *SNIFF* and for giving him crap for his terrible choices in general 😉

    – Good on ya Brian for trying to include Adam, but too bad he has another hipster choice.

    – I did enjoy Brian’s twitter class at the end of the show

    • Jared is the “crazy cat lady” of our generation.