Prodigal Sons 15: The Delicate Sound of Suckage

Prodigal Sons 15: The Delicate Sound of Suckage

Jan 09
Prodigal Sons 15: The Delicate Sound of Suckage

This week on the Prodigal Sons Podcast:

  • Cracked vs. Buzzfeed
  • Dating News with Jared
  • Ian is married to an elected official
  • Voter intimidation
  • Our Worst and Favorite Time Travel films!

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Enjoy the show!

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – The first 25 minutes of the show were great! The racist online date, Ian’s wife being elected to Monitor of Voting, fun, interesting stories.
    – The ‘Doctor Who music’ (Eric the Ack-Ack-tor’s theme?) was super quiet and could have been turned up just a smidge.
    – It’s like poetry, it rhymes, like George Lucas says in the Episode One documentary
    – My brother Tony loves all three BTTF movies, three is his favorite and he thinks they are documentaries shot in real time. Like Highlander.
    – Screw the both of yeah! Alex Winter is doing great! He just released that Napster documentary (which is really good) and just Kickstarted the Bit Coin doc (Deep Web) as well. Keanu’s making horrible things like 47 Ronin, worry about him.
    – And yeah, Primer, I kid Brian cuz I love. No dick punching here. Good movie.
    – Jared and Brian’s stringent rules for what constitutes as a time travel movie were made up and too confining. The bare bones plot of Army of Darkness is a man travels back in time and tries to get back to his own time line. Sounds like a TIME TRAVEL movie to me!

    • So the last 40 minutes of the show were what then? And Alex Winter might be doing great but he’s not doing “Keanu” great. Plus, what I said was true: I would love to see “Bill & Ted’s 3” with Keanu and Alex as older versions of themselves. Wyld Stallyns Rule! ^BE

  • Raymond Clevenger

    Groundhog Day is not a time travel movie because it loops time but Primer is a time travel movie?? I feel this could be argued quite a bit.

    • Boy, really going through the back catalog! Much like “Army of Darkness” is not a time travel movie. (see Leonard’s comments). Just because there is some sort of time travel in the movie does not make it a time travel movie. That’s my feeling anyway. However, I guess I’m in the minority as if you search out “time travel movie” lists on the interwebs, Groundhog Day will come up. Oh well.