Prodigal Sons 57: You are a Dandy

Prodigal Sons 57: You are a Dandy

Oct 30
Prodigal Sons 57: You are a Dandy

This Week:

  • Brian returns!
  • Unobtainium vs. Transformium!
  • ProdPod vs. Podigal Sons!
  • Adam buys a motorcycle!
  • Jared wants a motorcycle!
  • Jared goes gambling!
  • We pimp a new podcast!
  • Beyond Thunderdome, a great half a movie!
  • We discuss the future of Marvel movies and TV!
  • We discuss the future of DC movies and TV!
  • More SNL bashing!
  • – HEY! Brian’s back. And being compared to a women’s special time. Delightful!

    – This is how I get a glimmer of hope that Dadstractions is ACTUALLY coming back. You would think direct questions would be the best way. It’s not

    – Who else is jerk about Brian’s pictures?

    – When April & went eight years ago, no Animal Kingdom. Trash!

    – “Avatar Land sounds nice” Ian with a terrible opinion

    – I only attempted to see the first Transformers movie, I fell asleep twice and never went back for a third go around

    – Ian’s thrilling recap of his dinner and a show was great but the fact that Jared has never been to one of these places was the most shocking thing on the show this week! We’re only 14 minutes in!

    – Now, I’m on the Ian train. Kristin Wiig, negative funny

    – I was going to make a joke about splitting the listenership with two show, but who am I kidding, I’d listen to both

    – Jared with an idea to buy a motorcycle sounds like a great plan! A dandy plan, if you will!

    – “Joining an MC”

    – Jared being so bent for the ribbing, at least the boys were doing it while you were there

    – This Doctor Strange casting thing is not 100% confirmed, but you know that by now…

    – Love the Great Lakes Avengers talk! Classic!

    – Hated NextWave??? Jared, you’re off the list!

    – All this Agents of SHIELD talk isn’t convincing me back into the fold

    – Did Ian forget what sort of show this is?

    – Whilst I’m upset about the Flash movie/TV casting, don’t forget that Smallville was only supposed to last four seasons and spin directly into ‘Superman Returns’ and we remember how that all turned out

    – “There was the toy man, there was the balloon, there was the guy with the pen and Viper” again, not selling Gotham, either

    – “Jared bullied me into agreeing with his opinion” Ian is FIRED UP!

    – I’ve watched one episode of SNL in the last 10 years and barely made it to the news. END IT!

    – I have no clue of any current music, against Brian’s prodding. Luckily the Foo Fighters are current and hot so I can seem hip

    – How funny is that both Brian and I suggested people buy turkeys from Amazon?

  • Jason Kirk

    Great show this week guys (and not just because of the awesome plug you guys gave for Podvocacy. Thank you so much!)

    Count me in on the Kristin-Wiig-is-not-funny train. And I actually hope that SNL keeps going because listening to you guys trash it is WAY funnier than the actual show.

    And welcome back Brian! Should you bring Dadstactions back, after Ian makes an appearance, maybe have another newbie podcaster on to talk about his new foray into parenting come January. Just a thought.

    • Thank for the comments on the show. I do indeed intend to bring back Dadstractions in both written and podcast forms. I’m just trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with it. Which at how long it usually takes me to do things like that, it will need to be renamed “GranDadstractions”