Prodigal Sons 54: Slackin’ on the Fappening

Prodigal Sons 54: Slackin’ on the Fappening

Oct 09
Prodigal Sons 54: Slackin’ on the Fappening

This week!

  • The boys talk about the inside working of Subway’s advertising.
  • It’s a Weed Renaissance!
  • Jared tells stories of torturing an old roommate!
  • A serious night time injury!
  • Therapy gone wrong!
  • The boys discuss politics!
  • Ian tells some world news!
  • The Bill Maher-Ben Affleck fight!
  • Science Time returns!
  • We talk about The Fappening… again!


  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – the Anti Jared? How Odd! Whether be you or the Subway guy. I hate Subway, but not Jared

    – Only Ian would remember Clay Henry

    – the V-cut? Yeah. That’s the good way!

    – Was Uncle Chen’s the name of the restaurant Jared worked at or was that just the nickname, cuz that’s awesome

    – How do you “kinda sorta” smoke it? Is that how they teach you to speak in that fancy school of yours?

    – I need this list of girls cars so I don;t make a mistake in my next automobile buying endeavore

    – I’m glad I partake in all media with a clear head so I will never say publically that I enjoyed Drake or Kanye West

    – From the impression, it sounds like Jared was living with Jackie ‘the Joke Man’ Martling

    – “There’s no way this could happen to a normal person”

    – “I’m a fan of racist therapists”

    – This is my only place for news, BTW, keep it up!

    – Why do I not have access to THIS dropbox folder?