Prodigal Sons 51: Slaughter Lord

Prodigal Sons 51: Slaughter Lord

Sep 18
Prodigal Sons 51: Slaughter Lord

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • We have a special guest star! Parlance from The Fresher and Parlance Show!
  • Jared tells another story about a crazy night out.
  • Jared tells a boring story about going out with Adam!
  • We discuss the merits of amateur porn and celeb sex tapes!
  • Brian’s wedding is brought up….again!
  • Pete (Parlance) tells us the most amazing…and messy story you will ever hear! (Trust me on this one)
  • And much more!


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Enjoy the show!

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – who had seconds in as the time Brian would be buried?

    – and Dadstractions will not be missed? My mighty heart is breaking

    – Pete saying he doesn’t listen to Longbox Heroes because we don’t need him is so silly, but not reading comics makes sense

    – Jared, we do our very best not to spoil ANYTHING on Longbox Heroes, so much so, we have >A< commenter who scolds us for doing so. Every week.

    – all this adult tape talk is lost on me. Even I have no interest in seeing the Hulkster do that

    – Ian saying he’ll have to listen to the show back is hilarious, he never listens!

    – “Everything is funny about ‘Slaughter Lord’”

    – Cole and Nick, names never mentioned on the show who need no introduction!

    – The more Jared protests, the more I want to hear this story…

    – “What kind of music were they playing?” “BAD!”

    – A reggae punk bank? This is why I don’t leave my house and hate all music since 1994

    – That apartment story is another glimpse into Jared’s nightmare life

    – Why is there not an ‘Ian’s Smoke Detector’ twitter account that just sends out beeps?

    – “My life is so full I don’t remember a man making another man’s entire arm disappear” It is what you’re thinking

    – Oh boy, more talk of that wedding…let’s see how this goes…

    – Edit out my last name please

    – Jean shorts at a wedding, you’ve never been to Shickshinny

    – I call this the “Cider” story. One of my favorite stories of ALL TIME, thanks for sharing!

    – Devil’s Advocate, the Dadstractions website takes forever to load and navigate. To get even more upset, head over to!

  • Now more than ever I think the podcast name needs to change. If Pete is also saying he has problems find the show on iTunes due to all the other religious “Prodigal Sons” content out there, maybe there should be a name change after the one-year mark. Maybe just change it to ProdPod?

    Also, I’m glad we did not tell Pete’s INFAMOUS poop story. There is no way we could have done it justice compared to how he told it. I was actually thinking of just isolating that audio and putting just that story up on the site separately. Dear God it’s hysterical.