Prodigal Sons 48: “I’ll give you $500 for that baby!”

Prodigal Sons 48: “I’ll give you $500 for that baby!”

Aug 28
Prodigal Sons 48: “I’ll give you $500 for that baby!”

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • Ian talks about his vacation in lovely Atlantic City.
  • Jared and Adam discuss their non-weeks this week.
  • Jared says “Get your chocolate out of my peanut butter!”
  • Why do you women love Facebook on their smartphones so much?
  • Adam gives us a scary Science Time!

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Enjoy the show!

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Loved Ian’s extensive talk of what is currently going on in New Jersey and Atlantic City. Reminds me why I never go.

    – My life goal is for the Man to have more life experiences and do more ‘things’ than I did in my life. Owen is five months old and has topped both us combined

    – “Back before I frequented hookers on a regular basis”

    – Remind me to never smile at Ian, don’t want to give him the wrong impression

    – More talk of this commercial…I’m guessing on never

    – the show image should have been Adam’s mangled finger

    – When I worked at McDonalds, I would make a burger that was one quarter pounder patty, two regular burger patties and five circles of bacon. Not on the menu, either

    – Camping? In a TENT, but an air mattress? The missus is pitching renting a cabin at Knoebels next year and I’m leery of THAT!

    – the REVERSE vampires? The Yakuza? Whitey Whackers? Is everything being changed because of this Simpsons marathon?

    – Grown ass men in 2014 talking about the excitement of side boob. No words…

    – Now, Lucy Lawless nekkid…I’m listening

    – I do subscribe to Jared’s cotton candy & scotch whiskey theory of mixing joys

    – I also am on board with Jared’s “food not touching” thing. Now I’m afraid…

    – “There’s this one girl on My Free Cams” and I’m back out

    – Adam: “Any port in a storm.” Ian: “Only I know there backstory”

    – “Kelly owns wigs and costumes at my behest” this is what this show was made for

    – Boy, I wish I knew the names of those documentaries Jared watched…

    – Ian’s plugs at the end fill my heart with hope I’ll have that commercial tomorrow

    – and I’m Voldemort now? You get mentioned on my podcasts ALL THE TIME

    – a podcast of Jared & Ian yelling at cats sounds vaguely compelling

    – whereas a fantasy football podcast is my wide awake nightmare

  • Jason Kirk

    Had to laugh when Jared brought up Lost when Ian was talking about The Leftovers. Considering Damon Lindelof is also writing The Leftovers I’d prepare for another crappy ending.

    • Bah, I didn’t think Lost’s ending was as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Granted it wasn’t as GREAT as I thought it should be and they didn’t answer everything but I thought it was “fine”. Not “terrible”.