Prodigal Sons 47: Tea Baggin Bridesmaids!

Prodigal Sons 47: Tea Baggin Bridesmaids!

Aug 21
Prodigal Sons 47: Tea Baggin Bridesmaids!

This Week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • Jared tells of an adventure to the strip club!
  • A story fit for Gamblers Anonymous!
  • Brian goes to dinner with the boss!
  • Jared and Brian get nerdy on Star Trek!

And to be honest…this show was a real hodge-podge of stuff, I just listened to it and really have no idea what was in it….Enjoy!

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Enjoy the show!

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – love getting the raw feed

    – I hope the Parappa the Rappa reference stays in

    – and wait, no Ian? I complete forgot!

    – “What’s the matter, Dillon? Too busy pushing pencils?”

    – Oh no. Talk of that wedding…let’s change the subject…

    – I liked Hostel, but THREE TIMES? That’s not right, man

    – “Navy stuff and Walruses” a pull quote for Tusk. Never heard of this film, but Kevin Smith’s ‘recommendations’ are usually a sign to avoid these days

    – I wonder if that commercial was ever cut?

    – I think Brian is the only one who listens and doesn’t like the show

    – “Panini’s in the shape of pinball machines!”

    – Oh, that *name redacted* story…I’ll remember to delete this part of the comment

    – That was some ham fisted beeping

    – Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family actually did what Jared said re: the Ice Bucket Challenge. Except for the kick in the nuts

    – Pintrest is Twitter for girls with pictures

    – “No Homo is a new trend”

    – I’ve never seen an episode of ‘New Girl” and I like it that way

    – Mumblecor and mumblegore sounds like a bunch of crap

    – To paraphrase Artie Lange, you buy the Indiana Jones box set, watch three good movies and have something to do your coke off of