Prodigal Sons 46: It’s a Numbers Game!

Prodigal Sons 46: It’s a Numbers Game!

Aug 14
Prodigal Sons 46: It’s a Numbers Game!

This week on the Prodigal Son’s Podcast!

  • Jared goes to the county fair…and explores his fears.
  • We discuss the death of Robin Williams…for 1 minute.
  • The Sons discuss the future of the show, and one of us implodes!
  • Ebola? Is it coming for you??

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Enjoy the show!

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – starting off filthy, hope this doesn’t get cut

    – Patch Adam!

    – Robin Williams: so his stand up certainly does not hold up, but he has proven himself to be a great actor. Awakenings, Good Will Hunting, vocal performances in Aladdin, One Hour Photo, just off the top of my head. Give him a break, guys!

    – Another on the road trip for Ian! Color me surprised!

    – Talk about Owen’s babbling got kinda dark…

    – Outside of 15 hour work days, Adam sounds like he’s living the life of Riley. Not Martin

    – Diana’s birthday week – I almost deleted the podcast

    – Whilst I’m with Ian that in my old age, I can no longer hack most rides. However, pass it along that the Man went on the Pirate Ship at Knoebel’s. Twice. And He’s barely three

    – The talk of the ride vibrating = gross. Also, Diana sounds like she has a death wish. Always a good thing

    – I also have no idea of this Wayne County Fair news story

    – Ten bucks to ride on a monster truck sounds AWESOME!

    – Comparing number of podcasts is a dead end street, boys. Only leads to sadness.

    – And a CHRIS run in! #Dadstracted

    – I DO promote the show! I have been asking to have a commercial recorded by youse to be dropped into our show

    – It’s getting real, boyz. Horrendous stories that never made air…but lots of gold

    – Ian, go talk to some fish

    – Brian, you are wrong. After knowing you guys, I loved this episode! Brian is too sensitive.

    – “Do they have a logo?” Thanks for checking out the show and the site, Jared!

    • I think the episode would make a good starting point for new listeners! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

  • Jason Kirk

    So while trying to fall asleep last night I thought of a few names for the podcast. While I like Prodigal Sons, the fact it is listed religious podcasts isn’t optimal, and because of that it is far from the first result when you search it in iTunes.

    While I think it’s the weakest, my first suggestion is “For Mature Audiences Only.” It’s an explicit podcast, why not name it as such. Own who you are. If you guys do set up a network, it will set the expectation that THIS is the naughty podcast.

    Second, I was thinking “Debauchery After Dark”. First, it’s recorded at night. Second, I think Debauchery describes some of the tales told on the podcast.

    Finally, something around the lines of “Explicit Contest” or “The Explicit Content Podcast.” I figure that if the podcast needs to have the “explicit” label, might as well ride it all the way.

    And as a wildcard, you could simply make “The Prod Pod” the official name. It’s simple, you already have it as your Twitter handle, and a lot of great podcasts are named as a shortening of something else or after an inside joke. And your fans will be “Prodders” I like the sound of that.

    I searched all these options on iTunes and also on Bing (yes @chikarasonofsatan:disqus, I said bing) and they are open as far as I can tell.

    • I’m pretty sure you’ve now put more thought into this than all of us combined. Thanks for the ideas!

      • Jason Kirk

        Restless nights will do that.