Prodigal Sons 45: A Map of Hawaii

Prodigal Sons 45: A Map of Hawaii

Aug 08
Prodigal Sons 45: A Map of Hawaii

This week on the Prodigal Sons!

  • Jared (again) is baffled by stupid people!
  • Ian is going to get laid! It will be glorious!
  • 3/4s of the Sons saw Guardians of the Galaxy!
  • Are computers killing children’s imaginations?
  • More fun with cops!
  • Science Time with Adam!
  • Jared and Adam remember fond times at the gas station!

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Enjoy the show!

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Parents not knowing how to work the internet. Classic

    – I didn’t send an email last week because my computer was down. I live tweet/email usually at work and post the comment when I get home. It was a busy week

    – I heard episode forty-two and it was delightful

    – Didn’t get the quarters in the shoes reference. I knew about the new sneakers

    – Worst science time drop yet

    – I’m not that dumb, Jerry…it just wasn’t that funny

    – I do like how easily malleable Jerry is. He watches ‘Rescue Me’ and becomes Dennis Leary

    – What is this facebook horror club Brian is a part of?

    – C’mon, I’m just gonna blindly support Anthony! $7.00 a month is WAY too much!

    – We’re debating teasers? UGH…

    – “like a wax dart”

    – I love that Adam says “they can grow you a clone, but it ages really fast” and everyone is just like ‘yup, that’s right’

    – If you go to the hospital and say you are having chest pains or trouble breathing, they rush you right to the front of the line. That, or your eyeball hanging out

    • The Facebook Horror club i belong to is “Horror Etc Podcast” so, not a club as much as a fan page.