Prodigal Sons 43: Bacteria Jesus

Prodigal Sons 43: Bacteria Jesus

Jul 24
Prodigal Sons 43: Bacteria Jesus

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • Our weeks in review.
  • Some Prodigal Sons get together have a good time.
  • Man keeps spreadsheet of all times he has/has not had sex with wife; comedy ensues.
  • Fun with Fracking!
  • Science Time with Adam!
  • NYPD shows their proficiency in killing black guys.

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Enjoy the show!


  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – I would ask what is the name of the song you used in the open but as per usual, you’ll never tell me

    – A missing week? I’m not missing a week…

    – Ian talking about seeing a ton of people from high school would be my personal hell

    – No, No, the ‘misunderstanding’ with Brian’s mother sounds like more of a nightmare

    – The ripping and the tearing?

    – I wrote down Pokémon tournament for why Adam couldn’t meet up with you guys. Not too far off.

    – Don’t worry Brian, when we come out this weekend, it will not be this crazy

    – “Mister Meaner”

    – This ‘on top of the car’ stuff seems like the biggest hassle. I’ll stay in bed like the old fogey I am

    – I’m a very organized, spread sheet based person and this seems too far for me

    – When Ian said ‘separates and lubricates’ in his news story, I thought he was still on the prior story

    – “Pop” is ultra mega mass homicide wrong

    – No, sorry, “Gum Band” is much worse

    – WOW! Was not expecting the new intro for “Science Time with Adam.” The pinnacle of everything!

    – Still waiting for those commercials to be cut…I’ll have to check with our editor to see what the holdup is

    • That song is “Scooby Snacks” by Fun Loving Criminals. For some reason I thought it was G. Love and Special Sauce at first. I need my head checked.

      And, yes, “Gum Band” is a terrible name.

      I think we should definitely cut some of those commercials, blind drunk, this weekend.