Prodigal Sons 41: LIVE WIRE

Prodigal Sons 41: LIVE WIRE

Jul 10
Prodigal Sons 41: LIVE WIRE

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • Our weeks in review.
  • Racist paint colors.
  • Gary Oldman apologizes for talking about apologizing.
  • 24 hours later.
  • Live wires and leaky roofs.
  • Pokemon fever.

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Enjoy the show!

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    That’s right, I stole it from the dropbox yesterday!

    – “Fill in your blank, Adam!” seems like a rallying cry
    – Hey guys, STEAM scares me
    – Oh, Ian, you had me up until World Cup Soccer
    – We’ll give that fire pit a tumble in two weeks, bruther!
    – Brian, how many people in your neighborhood have pinball machines?
    – “A constant unpaid vacation everyday!”
    – Hey guys, sounds like Ian’s party is over! “Secretly awful?” The secret’s out!
    – Very surprised Lake Wallenpaupack was packed for the Fourth of July. I had a thought pop in my head to take the Man to Kirby Park for the fireworks. I immediately erased that from my dumb head
    – I was really waiting for the other shoe to drop on that story, Jared. Glad things went well for you.
    – I think that racist paint story would have better IF the guy was Asian
    – There was a story, here, where a man who fell asleep during a Yankees game is suing ESPN, the Yankess, etc. for the broadcasters poking gentle fun at him on air
    – Sounds like Adam is angling for Mr. Cumina’s job, OUT OF LEFT FIELD!
    – BRIAN, they have talked about ‘Hot Coffee’ MANY times on the Film
    Vault! Has that been erased from your mind? I do like Brian coming down on the side of McDonalds
    – To say that Howard sold out (he did) and O & A did not is just silly.
    – And Brian is right, you don’t become a hate filled racist overnight, he’s had this inside him his whole life, it would seem
    – I can’t believe Jared is surprised Anthony got fired for any comments on Twitter! When you work for any company, even a major company (SELL OUT!), you can be fired for anything you say or do publically, whether you are on the clock or not. Conversely, if you make a company enough money (see Kobe and the NBA) you can do whatever you want and get away with it.
    – Good save on the editing during that Gary Oldman rant
    – Now we’re in 41.5 mode
    – I used to sleep with the TV on (and still do when it’s just me) but the wife ain’t down for that!
    – Gathered around the phone watching Netflix, like our grandparents did!
    – Whenever I leave my house, I have my man purse loaded with comics. That’s why I’ve never had an issue with magazines in a waiting room
    – As for people to do work at my house, I luckily have a ton of very handy family members so that’s never an issue
    – Remember when I said about the party being over for Ian? That girl is trying to trap you, Jared!
    – Oh, that Pokemon tale. Just terrible. You haven’t learned from MTG, Star Wars and HeroClix?