Prodigal Sons 20: The People Have Spoken

Prodigal Sons 20: The People Have Spoken

Feb 13
Prodigal Sons 20: The People Have Spoken

This week on the Prod Pod:

  • Who has two thumbs and food poisoning?  This guy!
  • Movie casting news!
  • Who the hell is Paul Bettany?
  • Brian reviews “The LEGO Movie”
  • We discuss “The People vs. George Lucas”.
  • Remember when you had to rent porn?

Next week we’re going to watch and discuss “Grabbers“. Please watch along and let us know what you think!

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Enjoy the show!


  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Brian has his finger somewhere on the Bronie community

    – Oh don’t worry Ian, when that baby comes, you’ll have PLENTY of time on Sundays!

    – THREE seasons on anything, let alone the Wonder Years, in a row, would melt my brain.

    – And Paul, a pro-hipster, looks cool? UGH!

    – Why was “Punky Boobster” not the episode title?

    – Unless Cynthia Rothrock is in Expendabelles, I want no part of it!

    – I don’t want a Robocop remake to be a ‘social commentary’ like the first one, I just want a good movie. I understand there is a ‘message’ in the remake, but MUCH more heavy handed. No one will remember
    this movie in six months, so who cares?

    – The casual racism with no mention of the Samuel L Jackson flack was uncomfortable.

    – The marketing campaign for the Lego Movie did a very good job in not spoiling the movie. Thank you Brian, for spoiling this for me 🙁

    – I’m surprised Brian disliked “the People vs. George Lucas.” I saw it sometime ago and enjoyed it very much. The main two arguments I can make about the ‘prequels’ and the ‘real Star Wars movies’ are:

    o Empire Strikes Back is a genuinely good movie. Not a single one of the prequels can stand on their own as a quality film.

    o Jar Jar makes little to no appearances in the ongoing Clone Wars cartoons. Almost a whitewash of his existence

    – Many of the changes you talked about (Han Shooting First, etc.) stink that he changed them and since I have the originals (****SNIFF****) it doesn’t bother me so much, but does one change begat another and another? When do so many changes get made that it is no longer the original thing of art?

    – We had West Coast Video that had the classic western doors separating the regular video store from the adult section. It didn’t have the pogs but there would be a code number to write down & bring up for the adult films. Every week, my folks would get a new release, a horror movie and an adult film.

    • Sorry, I’m a terrible person for mentioning people in the movie.