A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Ep. 42

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Ep. 42

Jul 17
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Ep. 42

We DID record episode 42.


We all got on the horn (some of us sober, some of us not so sober) and talked for a good long time about a good many subjects.

When all was said and done, some might have said it was one of our best epsiodes ever.  That was, until you actually LISTENED to it.

You see, I did not check my microphone setting correctly and recorded my entire portion of the show over webcam microphone rather than my fancy desktop microphone. The result: completely terrible pod.

Adam did the best he could to make me not sound like my portion of the show wasn’t recorded from inside a coffin, six feet underground, with a tin can and string.

Even with the terrible audio issues, it was all ready and scheduled to post at 05:25 this morning. Then at 5:10 this morning, I had a crises of conscience while showering. I could not unleash this terrible audio upon the world. It would do more harm than good and the great show we had would be overshadowed by the terrible audio. So, I made the executive decision to not release it.

Will Episode 42 ever come to light? I don’t know. We may some day release it with the terrible audio or I may go and transcribe my portion and re-record it and re-edit the show. Either way, it won’t happen for some time.

My apologies faithful listeners. We will be back next week with Ep. 43.  And I will make sure to check my mic settings.


  • Jason Kirk

    Why were you in the shower at 510? Aren’t you on vacation still?

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    Here’s what you missed:

    – Jared, Meat Fist & Hacksaw are going to be in CHIKARA’s King of Trios this year

    – While Jared’s idea is not the worst, will he have the follow through>

    – And the wheels fall off with the Wheel of Mayhem

    – This is the first weekend since Owen was born that Ian has not told a story of travelling with or without the baby. He should consider himself very luck

    – “Dawn is the new one, you dummy” I do like the alternate title, “Monkeys the Movie”

    – Now Jared sounds like the dad from the Wonder Years

    – Jared, buddy, that was some compelling stuff. Never stop talking about your life

    – I’m very glad I have no idea what Chatterbate is

    – Loved the ‘Lightning Fast VCR Repair” plug!